Sue's Art Class
with Sue Puchowitz

Art Class

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SEPTEMBER 27 - DECEMBER 23         11 Weeks  $390

     MOM + ME               Thursdays           10:00 - 11:30           3 - 5 years            $200/ 6 weeks
     MOM + ME               Thursdays               1:00 - 2:30           3 - 5 years            $200/ 6 weeks
     KIDS                           Wednesdays            3:30 - 5:30           5 - 8 years            $390  full semester
     KIDS                           Thursdays               3:30 - 5:30           8 - 10 years          $390  full semester
     ADULTS                     Fridays                  11:00 - 1:00           ongoing                $125/ 4 weeks
     TWEENS+TEENS     Fridays                    3:30 - 5:30          11 - 15 years         $390  full semester
     ALL AGES                 Saturdays             10:00 - 12:00           6 - teens              $210/ 6 week intervals

Healthy 2 - hour classes       Small groups   
         Emphasis on personalized attention, working through open ended concepts, process, techniques and
         composition to develop one's own ideas.
         Kid's materials included       Quality art experiences at all levels!
         Expect great exploration of unusual combination of mediums in a safe, nurturing, personal environment.

         Have a Half Day of School? - Set up a small group class!


    KIDS AFTER SCHOOL CLASSES    Starts September 27
         All classes start off with a dynamic clay project followed by 2 and 3 dimensional alternating assignments. 
         I love to feel out the group to see what medias they would most enjoy and enhance their own abilities through
         experiences that will excite them! Expect quality with emphasis in problem solving, working through personal
         ideas, discovery of tools and techniques and a big smile of success in the end!  


6 week mini series classes    
These classes alternate medias with the group's interests every 6 weeks. Open ended, think oriented  assignments are
         personalized for each age group. Great for those who prefer working in a favorite medium intensely, or who prefer
         weekend classes.
         The next 6 week mini session is determined by the kids that continue on. Everyone loves to start with hand built clay.

           Mini Series  CLAY           September 23, October 7, 14, 21, 28, November 4
Always new, always fun hand built clay piece construction with unique glazing techniques all designed
                  with your child's strengths and ability in mind. Parents with kids welcome too.


             Next mini series - November 11, 18, December 2, 9, 16, 23
             Choose from:
            Mini Series MACHINE SEWING and HANDWORK ART  
Young sewing machine artists will create some very crazy art all while learning to be fearless on the
                         sewing machine as well as learning hand sewing techniques. Beginners all welcome. Gender neutral!   

          Mini Series
2 and 3-dimensional techniques on canvas and other unusual materials with surprise add-ons.


       Mini Series SCULPTURE and COLLAGE 
Anything goes here - wood, stockings, recycled junk, metal, cake, cork, pariscraft and more.
                       Did she say stockings?


   MOM and ME CLUB - Nannies and Bubbies too!  Starts Sept 27
Join your little one in real clay, collage, paints, sculpture - a smorgasbord of art fun and constructive play
          for the duo.


Whether you want to dabble or develop a skill more intensely, there are so many possibilities to explore.
                  Favorites are clay, drawing, painting, fused glass jewelry, machine sewing,  mosaics, calligraphy, tile making,
                  and many decorative arts as gifts, for you or your home.
                  You can also use the time to create party favors, personal gifts, etc. for your special celebrations. There's always
                  something new to create at Sue's.



   SPRING SESSION   January 31 thru May 12        Details later.

   Pre-SUMMER CAMP 2018  $200/wk
      Weekly PRE-SUMMER ART CAMP is for all ages. Camp is designed for those who need something
       creatively productive to do between the weeks when regular school ends and real camp begins for most kids.
       Some of the private schools end exceptionally early in June.

                                         JUNE 11 - JUNE 15          10 - 12:15
                                         JUNE 18 - JUNE 22          10 - 12:15
                                         JUNE 25 - JUNE 29          10 - 12:15

     Bring your snack! Expect clay, sculpture, sewing, painting and more. No repeats. Each week is
      designed with new fun projects, including the best of the past workshops of the year. I specifically
      customize these summer projects based on the ages of the children that are signed up for that particular
      week. They are all problem solving and success oriented so anyone can do them. Enjoy photos from
      previous art camp experiences and get a real feel for the place at CREATE


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